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Early Childhood

PreK-3 & PreK-4

St. Mary School offers classes for pre-kindergarten students who will be 3 years of age by September 1.
Pre-Kindergarten at St. Mary Catholic School is an enriching full day program. There are several options for parents to choose:
Pre-K 3:   Three day program (M,W,F), three day 1/2 day program (M,W,F 7:45-11:30) or our five day program.
Pre-K 4:   Our five day program.
St. Mary uses Frog street for PK3 and PK4.   These programs provide students with a holistic educational experience, where they can explore, discover and invent.
Daily, students participate in “Prayer circle time”, interactive educational videos, and whole group/small group learning experience. St. Mary Catholic School structures Pre-kindergarten at a more advanced level in order for students to be better prepared for educational success.
Student progress is reported 3 times per year through an in-depth report card and conferences are scheduled with parents at least once a semester.
Throughout the week, Prekindergarten students attend Library,  Art, Music, P.E., Spanish and Technology.

Kindergarten students must be 5 by September 1. 
Kindergarten at St. Mary Catholic School develops young learners in a full-day program that gives our students the tools to enter first grade with self confidence in their skills and a strong desire to learn in a nurturing faith based environment. Students develop their God-given talents in a developmentally appropriate curriculum. Our program’s goal is to open our young student’s minds, hearts, and thinking as they learn to love learning and serve others. Students develop their bodies through physical education classes, outdoor play and opportunities to learn with hands-on exploratory activities.
Children participate in daily “Morning Message” including opening prayer and a review of math, phonics and reading skills that have been previously covered in class. Learning centers are an integral part of their day. Dramatic play, blocks, library, math, reading, writing, technology, science, and art are integrated in their centers and in teacher led activities. Letter recognition and sounds enable students to develop independent reading skills as they begin to recognize sight words and share reading and writing experiences. Science and Social Studies skills and concepts are taught through whole group lessons accompanied by some type of hands-on activity or experiment.
Parents are an integral part of our school family and participate in daily activities, special events, and parties. We recognize that the primary educators of our children are the parents. Communication is essential between home and school to ensure support both for the school program and the home. A daily folder is sent home to keep the lines of communication open between the parents and teacher.
The kindergarten day also offers other learning opportunities such as Art, Spanish, Music, Technology, and P.E.