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Pre-K – 5th Grade Technology

Students in Preschool through fifth grade have a specific technology curriculum that is followed at St. Mary Catholic School.
Students learn simple operation techniques for a variety of devices including desktop computers, laptops, tablets and other digital devices.  They learn vocabulary for talking about parts of computers and learn how to use software packages such as Paint and online, interactive learning software.
Kinder and 1st Grades
Students start their journey into learning Microsoft Office with PowerPoint.  They learn to open, save and close documents.  They learn how to type and insert pictures.  They also begin learning proper keyboarding techniques.  First grade students take what they learned with PowerPoint and begin to transfer their knowledge to Word.  They learn to make their own storybooks, and the very simplest methods for citing sources (such as pictures) used.  These two groups learn about staying safe online by sharing information and concerns with a trusted adult, and respecting others by behaving courteously.
2nd and 3rd Grades
Students continue the journey into Microsoft Office, expanding to use of Excel for organizing information and producing visual aids.  They continue learning to keyboard.  In the 2020-2021 school year we will introduce these students to the use of digital photography in the classroom.  A simple research project provides a vehicle for learning how to research a topic online, as well as how to tell what a good source is.  Their ability to use citations to give others credit for their work expands to include use and understanding of Creative Commons licensing both as a way to honor others’ rights and a way to protect their own.  Internet safety begins to focus on learning what it means to respect copyright online as well as reinforcing personal safety lessons.  Simple lessons in coding begin.
4th and 5th Grades
Students begin genuinely using Office as a classroom production tool.  They start the year with a major research project, learning how to identify reliable and valid resources and cite them.  They learn to use different types of hardware and software to create a final product.  This includes use of digital videography and film editing.  Students are introduced to some Adobe software packages.  Internet safety focuses on issues of peer pressure, post permanence, and creating a safe and secure digital footprint.  Coding lessons focus on learning more complex coding structures and making the switch from Blockly to JavaScript.  These lessons are adaptable to students’ needs, and those who are ready to begin more difficult coding in JavaScript have that opportunity.  As time permits, students will learn to use Microsoft Office’s communication tools—such as Microsoft Teams—to collaborate and produce projects together.

Jr. High Technology (6th – 8th)

Students will work on typing proficiency and how to navigate Microsoft.  They will work on research skill and how to put presentations together in a live and virtual setting.
8th grade students will participate in Financial Literacy in the 2nd semester.

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