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Annual appeal

St. Mary Catholic School has been about building the community of God since 1978. We have educated young people in a Christ-centered environment, offering challenging academics, building confidence in their God-given gifts and cultivating a life-long commitment to learning. We offer a prayerful and safe environment encouraging spiritual development.
This would not have been possible without the generous financial support of the families, parishioners, church, former parents, alumni, and community leaders. In addition, we are generously blessed with hundreds of hours of volunteer time that takes place at our school daily.
The difference between the actual cost to educate each child and what is charged for tuition has to be made up through parish subsidies, gifts, donations, and various fees. Under gift and donations come the many fundraising activities. We need your support to make these events successful.
We ask you to continue our mission to develop the whole child’s spiritual, moral, intellectual growth and well-being in a Catholic environment.

There are two ways to give.  

1. Click the link below to donate.

Donate Now!

      2. Text Appeal22 to 832-210-1510


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